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Regardless Of What You See, Hear, And Experience

Regardless of what you see, hear, and experience, you would like to only focus attention on what you desire to manifest.

It can be so challenging when we are caught up in some heavy thoughts and emotions, to remember that this is the time to keep our attention in Beingness. If not in Beingness then let us only place thoughts into what we desire to create in our life experience.

The challenges that come have no power unto themselves to create or manifest unless we as spirit give attention to them and in doing so give life to them. This is because we as Spirit or Beingness are the life force itself.

We feel so deeply about the circumstances, and our delusional minds are in a constant state of attaching to them. This again can only happen when we as spirit give attention to these thoughts of personhood. It is the personhood or ego that creates thoughts of despair and suffering over the circumstances that are perceived as challenging. It is only due to the ego’s identity that circumstances are then perceived as challenging.

We know that thoughts are the highest form of energy. Energy is consciousness. Form is what is created out of and from the unconditioned consciousness or Beingness. This is why thoughts are so powerful in creating or manifesting.

When thoughts vacillate between good or bad, your life experience will also vacillate.

This is why Regardless of what you see, hear, and experience, you would like to only focus attention in Beingness, or at least on what you desire to manifest.

I was watching a movie last week and before entering into a mystical cave of spirits the character was told no matter what happens do not draw your sword or we will all be dead. Inside the cave the character experiences his friends being attached and killed before his eyes. It was so real he was at the verge of drawing yet somehow even as he helplessly allowed his family to be killed, he held himself back. It was not until it was all over that what seemed absolutely real was revealed to be just a delusion of his mind.

This is how it feels for so many when circumstances seem to be so challenging. We are so fully attached and identified with our life experiences that when they are perceived to be threatened we feel a sense of loss. With this sense of loss the delusional mind searches out ways to sustain or not loose. The mind goes into hyper drive to think and worry and feel the desperate sense of having to figure out a way to hold on.

Does this sound familiar? It should, because all of us suffer from this until we realize our true nature. This does not mean that circumstances won’t change from what could be perceived good to bad; however, there is no attachment, or identification to them. This may be challenging for some of you, and this is okay. Yet it remains true that unless there is an identification and attachment to a circumstance there will be no sense of loss, and so no pain and suffering.

I will give you an example I use frequently to express how personalizing through attachment is the cause. Everyday there are approximately 151,600 humans dying from disease, accidents, and violence, yet if you felt these personally as if they were relatives or friends you would most probably be on the floor in such a state of sadness that you would be inconsolable.

Yet we can move into states of despair and depression when we perceive a sense of loss due to a circumstance or news that may threaten our way of life, as we know it now. It could be that we may be late on our mortgage because we didn’t make enough money, or find out that our spouse is moving on. You know all to well that each day we perceive circumstances as threatening our life experience even though they are mostly not true. Yet it is the ego that will quickly perceive them as threatening. A humorous way of looking at this is that the delusional mind or ego is just like “Henny Penny” The sky is always falling. The mind runs around like a chicken with its head cut off worrying about loss.

When this is happening we are giving all our life energy to creating these worries. Remember thoughts are the highest form of energy, so if you are thinking thoughts of fear and worry you are giving power to them to manifest in your life experience.

This is why I gently suggest realizing your true nature. When you realize your true nature you will come to realize you are not the mind or the body. You will now recognize the mind and body as instruments of expression and experience, and in doing so use them to create and experience what you choose without identifying with them.

Ironically as you awaken you will also realize that so much of what you thought was important and what you desired were all just the delusion of the mind personality. You will come to realize that you are whole and complete without any of it. This is true freedom, and this is who you are as Beingness.

Your health, fitness, and wellbeing flow so much easier when you are free from the delusion of perceived thoughts of loss.

And so I say again, Regardless of what you see, hear, and experience, you would like to only focus attention in Beingness and secondly on what you desire to manifest.

I wish for you all a Vibrant Life.

Take Good Care, Dave.

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