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Health And Wellness Are Here, Why Are You Not Claiming Them

It’s time for your monthly check up. How have you been doing with creating a healthy mind and body? Are you feeling a deeper sense of wellbeing?

Everyday when I work with clients whether in the studio or online the first question I ask is tell me how you are doing with your health and wellbeing?

I ask them how they are doing with the thoughts, breathing, hydration, nutrition, exercise, and sleep. Remember these are the “6 Components To Health and Wellness.

It is not just a casual question I am asking it is a way of determining if each client is integrating these components into there daily life experience. Health and wellness will only come as the fruits of a healthy life expression.

What I am pointing to is for you to create a deeper understanding that you are the answers to all your own prayers. Anything you desire is yours the minute you believe yourself to be it.  The reason your life is the way it is only due to your beliefs. What you believe to be true is your ego. Your ego is only a thought being believed in.

Another way of saying this is you as consciousness is believing or being alive in a thought and in doing so are experiencing that thought as reality.

See if you can understand this. The only reason you have a thought is because you as awareness are flowing into the thought and giving it life through attention. How do you know if you are doing this? You realize you are having the thought.

The only way you experience a thought is through giving it attention. When you give attention to a thought you as awareness flow into it and give it life. You are life itself and so you are giving all of your self to the thought and then experience it.

There are tens of thousands of seconds each day, when seeds of thoughts begin to rise out of the mind, yet many aren’t given attentions and so instantly die as quickly as they begin. The only thoughts that are experienced are the ones that there is some kind of attraction to because there is a connection, or familiarity with.

This connection or familiarity creates the attention, and you as awareness flow into the thought.

Think for a moment when you couldn’t stop thinking about something. No matter how much you tried you couldn’t stop. This is because the ego felt threatened, or attached.

We say a thought has no life unto itself. This is also true for the mind and body. So what gives them life? It is you of course, because you are life itself.

How do you as life itself give a thought life and experience it? You do so by flowing into it. When you give it attention you are believing in it. You are being alive in it.

Without belief a thought has no power, no life, and so cannot affect the life experience.

When I ask you, health and wellness are here, why are you not claiming them? I am pointing you to the revelation that you are flowing into thoughts and giving life to thoughts of not being healthy, and experiencing wellbeing.

Can you see that in your life experience? There is you, (life itself), and there is what is being experienced. You are being the experience, by believing thoughts. It is your believing that is creating your manifestations.

Health fitness, wellbeing, abundance, and love are all fully present right now. So are ill health, poor fitness, depression, poverty, and hatred also fully present. It is through attention and choice of beliefs that directs you as life to manifest the choices.

In a sense, it is like going to the supermarket of abundance, and choosing what you would like to experience by the choices you make in placing your attention on those products.

Do you believe you are healthy fit and well? If so it is your unconditional belief as this that will manifest and be the life’s experience.

If you have doubts, because everything in your external world is saying you are not and you believe them then you will experience those beliefs.

This is why we say, “It has always been you”. It has always been you who determined you life’s experience.

Begin to believe unquestionably, that health, fitness, abundance, wellbeing and love, are here right now ready to flow into the life’s experience. All are ready to flow in as son as you give your attention to this thought, and belief.

This is the power of you. You are amazing. You are limitless. Believe in this. Be this.

There will only be struggle if attention goes to thoughts of doubt and conflict. These thoughts cause resistance and slow the manifestation down. They cause fear and doubts. They will create struggles, and place boulders in your path. “It has always been you who did this”.

Health and wellness are here. If you are not claiming them, it is only because you believe otherwise.

I wish all of you a Vibrant Life.

Take Good Care. Dave

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