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Freedom to Choose Health & Wellness

Do you have the freedom to actually choose health and wellness? Do you have the freedom to choose abundance?

At first glance we would say, “Yes of course”. I have free will to do whatever I desire.

To some degree this is true, however, who is the “I” that you are referring to?

Is this “I” the delusion self-image you believe your- Self to be, or is it the true Self, Consciousness, Beingness?

For most of us I would say it is the delusional self-image. In this case as the delusional self-image or ego, we do not have this freedom of choice. Our choices are being made by a faulty set of beliefs that cloud our true natures insights into what is true.

You’ll remember the analogy of having an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. Well this is very much what is occurring when we are still expressing as the ego / self – image.

In this ego state we can only express as the ego, and it is very challenging to see past it. This is due to the fact that as Beingness or Life itself, we are giving all of our Self to being the ego state. We cannot see past it because we believe our Self to be the ego / person.

Did you notice I said our Self, instead of ourselves? To use the description our, is to intend ownership or possession. As if the Self was ours, like this computer is mine. This is not the case. The Self cannot be possessed, it is you. You cannot possess you, you are you. You cannot loose you. No matter what happens you cannot hide or leave the Self. You are the Self. You can leave the mind. You can leave the body. You can leave everything that can be perceived including thoughts, yet you will still be here. Not you the ego / person, but, you the Self / Beingness. You can never leave you, you always just are.

When you fully identify as the self-image / person, (and most everyone is), it is the ego that is making all the choices. You will know this when there is a feeling of “I need this, or I want this, or you give into temptation, and know that you are. All this comes from the ego / person. And so the freedom to choose is still a delusion. You may feel you are choosing without the ego expressing and influencing, however you are not.

You will know when you are freedom, because there is no conflict or need. The choice will be made without the need for a certain outcome. The choice is made with an idea of what the outcome is, yet deeper still there is an unequivocal knowing that whatever manifests, it is more meaningful.

Do you have the freedom to actually choose health and wellness? Optimum health and wellness begins with awakening to your true nature, and then the mind and body are free from all delusion. They, the mind and body, are now in a state of natural innocence, which allows you as Beingness to flow into and through them without delusion and resistance.

In this place, you now make choices without fear, temptation, judgment, or attachment to outcome. In doing so you will naturally do what will create health and wellbeing. You will do this as naturally as you get up in the morning and express your Self, as you believe your Self to be right now.

What you are is so much greater than you believe the Self to be. You believe the Self to be you the person, when in truth you are not the person, but the Self itself.

This is where all the potential lies. You are the Pure Potentiality as Deepak Chopra states.

As Pure Potentiality, or Beingness, you are limitless in the ability to create whatever you claim your Self to be.

If your health and wellness are less that what is desired, do not struggle against the ego / person, but instead begin to realize your True Nature. With this realization will be the awareness that health and wellness is your natural state, and all that is required are the basic steps to allow the mind and body to heal.

Are you ready to create the health and wellness you have always desired?

The 6 Components To Health & Wellness is a wonderful place to begin. Come join us on this six-week online course.

I wish for you a Vibrant Life.

Take Good Care of Your “Self”.


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