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Allow The Concept To Be Without Getting In The Way

We all have goals and dreams we would like to achieve. For some, it is wealth, others health, and for others love. The intention is neither here nor there. All of it is coming from a mental/emotional belief that there is no wholeness to our identity. The lack of wholeness is expected to be filled once the goal is achieved.

This is not the case, however. For once we have achieved a goal no matter how amazing, the feeling of completeness will not last. Some other concept of not being complete will be felt.

It is certainly fine to move forward in this life experience creating, expressing, and experiencing goals, however, if the ego gets involved, (and how can it not), there will be unnecessary obstacles as part of the experience.

We can biblically speak about the meaning of “Let go and let God”, or energetically referring to the Law Of Attraction and its steps of believing and allowing. We can also look at the practical aspect of setting something in motion and allowing it to take its course without getting emotionally involved. All of these are pointing to how manifestation works best when the ego or identity does not throw its fears and insecurities into the manifestation process.

You may have heard God knows what is best for you. However, the ego or identity because it is always in a state of fear of not existing cannot stop reacting even when things seem to be going right. The ego will still find something not complete in each and every moment, even if it is “now that I have it all, I may lose it”. Do you see how delusional it is? It cannot stop creating a sense of loss or incompleteness even in moments of full accomplishment.

If this is so, how do we get out of our own way? Firstly, we recognize that the “We” that is asking this is the identity/ego. There is the solution, the ego/identity should be realized as false or not real, so no meaning should be given to its concerns. At first blush, the voice in the head will say what do you mean, don’t listen to what is concerned? If I don’t do that I could lose everything”. Yet, this itself is still the ego.

Do you see how pervasive everything you as True Nature gives life to, even a false sense of itself? This is why it seems so real. Life-giving life to the unreal creates an experience of being real. Yet, it is no more real than a dream.

Many of our goals and dreams are just based on achieving something so we can feel complete. Again though, it is only the ego/identity, which is not real desiring these goals.

If you look closely at your dreams and goals you will soon come to see many are based on the notion “ When I get this I will be happy”. The idea of happiness is the same as I will feel complete.

However, what if you let go of the ego’s needs, and feel what is truly wanting to be expressed from the heart, then you are onto something wonderful.

We could ask the question what is the natural expression of your True Nature or Devine Self minus any concept of not being already complete. Another common way of asking this is if you could live your life without concern for money, or love, or security, what would it be?

All of these questions throw away any concept and identity with being something that is not whole, complete, secure, and loved.

You are beginning to see that it is the false identity or ego, that is what gets in the way of manifesting goals and intentions. It does this by sabotaging the original intention of something wonderful. The original intention of something wonderful is tainted with fears and doubt. These fears and doubts then created obstacles in the manifestation of the original concept.

What if you are baking a wonderful pie from a recipe that has been used many times and always comes out perfectly tasty. Yet, for some reason, you get a bit concerned it needs more of something and less of another for it to come out to your liking. You do not trust the process, so you alter it based on your own fears, likes, and dislikes. Should it be of any surprise that the pie is going to be affected? Of course, it will. Many times the pie is not pleasing to anyone.

This is a simple comparison to what the ego is always doing. It just gets in the way of God, by thinking it knows better. How absolutely absurd.

Once you begin to truly become aware of this, you will give no attention to the ego’s fears of incompleteness, knowing it is not even real.

Holding onto a false sense of your true Self is the cause of pain and suffering. It is not needed and does not give this life experience any true joy and peace.

All that is needed is the realization that you do not require a made-up, (false), identity to exist.

The time is now, not sometime in the future for you to create health and wellness. See this moment as the critical point of changing your life around.

Do you want to be healthy, fit, and enjoy a deep sense of wellbeing and abundance? Then let go of every idea, and attachment to the contrary.

Are you ready to change your life experience? Are you ready to begin enjoying health, fitness, wellbeing, and abundance?

If so, let me help you.

It takes one simple step. You just have to ask.

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I wish for you a Vibrant Life.

Take Good care, Dave

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