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Starting Over

Why is it we feel the need to have a day to start over? It is as if we are postponing our efforts of getting back on track, (usually a Monday) before we make the corrections we feel we need.

Many clients will use the reason, (which is just an excuse), so they can have a few more days, weeks, months, or sometimes years before they clean up their act as my dad used to say.

Many times it will be stated as such, “ I need to wait till the kids get out of school before I can do it, or I will lose this weight after the holidays, or I need to wait till I get this project done at work before I can start, or even if things ever change for the better I will do it.”

My goodness, how many times have we found ourselves thinking or saying concepts such as these?

There can come a moment in our lives when even then, it is the worst time for us to start over. Life is completely filled with no time to do anything, no money, it seems like the most impossible time to start over. Somehow and for what seems to be pure craziness on our part, we say to heck with everything else I am doing it.

It is in these times when everything is against you, yet you throw all concerns and reason to the wind that the moment is now to start over.

These are also the times when the rest of the world around you sees you accomplishing the unreasonable and shaking their head in disbelief

asks “ how are you doing this”? Many times the answer comes that “It was easy, I just decided to do it.” For you, there was a change in awareness as to what was happening to you.

You see when you become aware you no longer allow your self-identity to ignore what is actually happening. The facts become obvious, and you see the bigger picture. You no longer color the facts with delusions.

How many times do you go away on a trip and allow travel to be a reason for not taking care of yourself? For instance, it is hard to eat well when traveling so I will wait till I get home in two weeks to get back on track.

How about well I was at a friend’s house and they only had pizza so I didn’t want to cause any problems. Possibly you have found yourself saying everybody else was drinking so I couldn’t refuse them.

However, when you become deeply aware that the reason you are dealing with health issues (let’s say Type II Diabetes), is because you are just being irresponsible. If you don’t stop you will be in a great deal of suffering for the rest of your life so, the choice becomes obvious.

I realize this may sound somewhat harsh, however, if you just look at the facts there is no one forcing you to live your life as a diabetic. It is completely up to you what you eat and drink, and how you live. Can we agree on this?

I know some may say you don’t understand I have no control over what I eat and drink and how I live my life. Yet, I would gently ask you who may say this to deeply admit that you have much more control than you are willing to confess. Why is that? Because the ego doesn’t want to change, does it? It would rather stomp its feet and say you are wrong Dave, you don’t know me and my plight.

In this defiance, we realize how the ego, self –image if given life will take over your life experience. Is that what you want? I deeply hope not.

You are so much more. This life experience is worth living to the fullest if you actually live it and not surrender it to a false sense of identity.

You are meant to be free from all this, and your freedom awaits you. Holding onto a false sense of your true Self is the cause of pain and suffering. It is not needed and does not give this life experience any true joy and peace. All that is needed is the realization that you do not require a made-up, (false), identity to exist.

The time is now, not sometime in the future for you to create health and wellness. See this moment as the critical point of changing your life around.

Do you want to be healthy, fit, and enjoy a deep sense of wellbeing and abundance? Then let go of every idea, and attachment to the contrary.

Are you ready to change your life experience? Are you ready to begin enjoying health, fitness, wellbeing, and abundance?

It takes one simple step. You just have to ask.

We have three wonderful options so you can fulfill your purpose.

and introducing…

I wish for you a Vibrant Life.

Take Good care, Dave

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