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Tag: Self Image

Your Self-Image Is Only The Imagined

You are nothing more and nothing less than complete stillness without identity. I realize for most this seems to be an absurd statement, yet when it is realized, you are freed from the pain and suffering, which accompanies the imagined self.

I wanted to go deeper into the belief of a self–image. Most of us can grasp that we have a self-image, but what does that actually mean? So let’s look at this.

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Realize You Are Not

The health of the body and the wellbeing of the mind are in direct proportion to realizing you are not the mind or the body. I have a feeling that is a bit confusing to most.

We say the body is a servant to the mind. By this it is understood that whatever thoughts the mind chronically holds on to, or if there is a acute experience that creates a deep emotional belief, the body will begin to express the underlying thought. No matter what the catalyst is the core emotion or belief is one of insecurity, or lack of wholeness. This could be understood as; I am not good enough, healthy enough, wealthy enough, smart enough, etc.

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Getting Caught Up In Giving Meaning

If you take a close look at how you feel about things including everything from thoughts to daily occurrences, you will realize that it is the ego that labels and judges. Through this labeling and judgment meaning is given as a way to support and protect the existence of the ego. Things will be labeled and judged as good, bad, or indifferent based on the beliefs that make up the ego.

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A Day In The Life Of Healthy Living

What does it mean to live a life of health and wellness? For many, this is only a partially formed concept. Thoughts of eating healthy come to mind but the specifics are not there. Then thoughts of exercise surface, but lacking any clear-cut steps. Very seldom are the thoughts of sleep, hydration, and breathing occurring when associations of health and wellness are considered. Lastly, our own self-image i.e. who we believe ourselves to be is almost certainly unrealized as the most important component in living a health and wellness lifestyle.

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Have You Integrated Yet?

How have you been doing with integrating spirit, mind, and body? Do you understand this question? Even more, do you have a direct realization of the meaning of this question? Do you still believe you are the personality, and body?

If you are not sure, then you still are. You will still be caught up in being affected by the external circumstances of the life experience. You will be personalizing everything as if it must affect you, and there is no escaping the pain and suffering that is attached with, or comes with it.

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Part II: Are You Being Sabotaged by Fungus And Parasites?

Let’s continue on with part two of Adrenal Fatigue, Parasites, and Fungus.

I am going to put this in more of an outline form so you can have some practical guidelines to follow.

Please understand that health, fitness, and well-being are a simple matter of living in harmony with nature.

What we want to discuss in this blog is healing the body of chronic health issues caused by adrenal dysfunction, fungus, and parasites.

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There Is No Body Without You

You are right now flowing your whole life force into a mind and body. How does that feel for you?

It is a different way of looking at who you think you are isn’t it? It points you to another feeling that you are the mind or body, but it is you who are giving life to them.

Yet, the experience will most probably dissolve into you thinking you are a person again. You’re not though. You are a spirit, giving life to the instruments of mind and body.

This is all done so that you as Beingness can experience itself in form.

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