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You Are Already Healthy, Fit, & Well

Let’s begin again. You, (your higher “Self” that is reading all this is the eternal part of you, and is optimum health, fitness, and wellbeing.

When I say “is” it means the higher Self or Beingness in its natural state is optimum health, fitness, and wellbeing.

The delusional mind will then ask, “ Well, if that is true, and I am always the higher – Self then why am I dealing health issues, weight issues, poor fitness, or injuries, and not feeling any sense of well-being?”

First, let’s make sure we know what we are referring to when we say “The Delusional Mind”. This could be a bit challenging for some of us, however, if you will not label or judge what is about to be said then you will be on your way to discovering your true Self, and along the way create health, fitness, and wellbeing.

Remember the mind is only an instrument of expression and experience, and it has no life force of its own. Its survival depends on you as Beingness flowing to and through it.

The mind on its own, before any conditioning was in a natural state of innocence. In this natural state of innocence there was no delusion. Meaning, it had not yet established a personality. It didn’t believe it was a person with an individual / separate existence from the rest of the phenomenal world.

Once the mind began to develop the ideas and beliefs that it was separate from everything else an “Ego” developed.

A quick reminder, that in our conversations, “Ego” is synonymous with the Self -image, or who you believe your –Self to be, your paradigms, or habitual way of thinking. All these are the same.

The mind begins developing what are called “Patterns of Recognition”. This helps the mind to develop a survival programming. Part of this programming is to be able to determine the difference between the self and the rest of the world.

Once the Ego is established the mind is delusional. Beingness has forgotten its true state of natural innocence, & now flows life into the beliefs that it is a person or ego. This is what we are referring to as the delusional self.
And so the Self is unconsciously being the delusional ideal of a person. This person is just a software program of you as what you think you are, with all your beliefs, labels, judgments, identifications, and attachments to the phenomenal world.

Yet this program, (your Ego or Self -image), is not a real person or entity. It has no life of its own except when you as Beingness is unconsciously flowing to and through. You must begin to directly realize this and not just intellectually understand it. This is not a “Thing” the delusional mind can grasp; it is a direct feeling beyond the delusional minds understanding. It is before and beyond the delusional mind.

The delusional mind wants to only stay within its beliefs, and concepts. Yet, how can the mind realize an experience that it beyond its delusions.

This is the step we are all faced with in discovering who we truly are as Beingness.

When we begin to focus our attention on Beingness the delusion begins to dissolve. The more this dissolution continues the more we are present as Beingness.

In this higher state of Beingness we are not plagued with all the moment-by-moment fears, attachment, and identifications with our life experiences.

In this higher state of Spirit, the Mind and Body move towards the natural state of innocence that was forgotten so early on. As you spend more time in this natural innocence there is less sabotaging of your health, fitness, and wellbeing. You also naturally move toward what is best for your body. The stress you as ego were so attached to and was causing health, fitness, and wellness issues is lessened, and so the body begins to heal.

The body is always reflecting and manifesting the condition of the Spirit and Mind.

It is the delusional mind that is the compilation of thoughts, ideas, and concepts of unworthiness, difficulty, lack, etc., that separates you from You as Beingness and the health, fitness, and wellbeing that you already are.

I wish for all of you a Vibrant Life.

Love Your Guts, Dave

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