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This Is What I Want To Tell You

The other day I was sitting with a young man in his teens. He came into to see me to ask questions about eating so he could put on more muscle, and get leaner, while improving his athletic sports performance.

We discussed some of the finer points of hydration, sleep, exercise, breathing, and nutrition, which he would integrate into his daily lifestyle to increase his results. He took copious notes and was ever inquisitive about the best ways for him to reach his goals.

He had already accomplished quite a lot in his sport, and in building his body. He was already better than average in his leanness, and muscle mass for his age. Yet, it was obvious that he was searching for something more. He wanted more, so he could feel better about himself.

Some of it was coming from a sense of wanting better aesthetics. He wanted his body to look better. He already looked and carried himself as a young Greek god, however he did not see his reflections as such. He only saw the imperfections, the blemishes of life.

In his questioning he would come back time and time again to his two biggest fears. He would ask, “Is there anything else you want to tell me”, and “Can you guarantee this will work”.

With all the information I was giving him, he still felt I was holding something back. Was there a magic potion or way of producing the effects he was searching for? Surely in his mind he must have felt this way because he kept asking the questions “Is there anything else you want to tell me”, and “Can you guarantee this will work”.

Can you feel in these two questions a sense of desperation? There is a deep feeling of, “I’m not good enough, Please help me”. “If you guarantee me that it will work I will be able to trust in something, someone other than myself, because I don’t trust myself”.

I was holding nothing back in my answers. I gave him all he needed to produce better results. Maybe like so many other clients they just don’t believe that health, fitness, and wellbeing are simple to create if you follow the 6 components to health and wellness.
The young man mentioned he didn’t drink enough water. We spoke of hydrations and its affect on the body. We determined the amount and how to drink through the day to increase his energy levels and reduce body fat.

He spoke of his exercise routines and I suggested making sure to take a day or two off during the week to allow his body to recover from the very intense workouts he was going through. This would allow his body to not only recover but to increase his muscle mass and help burn body fat.

We discussed food, and the timing and portions he should work with. He realized he was probably not eating enough, because he didn’t want to get heavy, yet his lack of calories was holding him back from increasing his lean muscle mass.

Then we turned to sleep and he admitted he went to bed very late. After explaining sleep was the time the body repairs and rebuilds all of its systems he knew he needed to get to bed earlier to produce the results he desired.

I did a quick assessment of his breathing pattern and he was breathing diaphragmatically and so I only mentioned he was doing fine and to keep breathing deeply.

The last topic was thoughts. Our session was already up, and he had to get to another appointment so I asked him if he felt the need to come back? He said well “Is there anything else you want to tell me”, and “Can you guarantee this will work”.

This was now the forth time he had stated these questions.

I paused and after taking a moment to quiet my mind, these words followed. “There is much I would like to tell you about who you truly are, but I don’t think you are ready to hear it. And yes I can guarantee that once you awaken to who you are you will never again need a guarantee”.

Yes there is something else I want to tell you all. What I would desire most of all, for all of you, is to realize your true – Self.

Quiet your mind, and feel the stillness that is present. This is your true – Self. You are the creator of your life experience and you are magnificent.

The you I am speaking of is you as Beingness. It is not the self-image and ego you hold of your-Self and identify with. This self-image and ego are the false -self.

You are an integrated Being. You are a Spirit, with a mind, and express the Spirit, and experience the occurrences of life with and through the body.

You are not the life experiences that occur along the time from birth to death. They are only occurrences, nothing more. It is the personality that you as beingness are identifying with that creates an attachment to you. You become lost in your false sense of Self. You are wrapped up in the ego that needs to separate itself from all else that exists to sustain its idea of itself as real. However it is not real it is not who you are.

True health, fitness, and well-being only come when you begin to realize your true nature. This is because your true nature is unconditional health, fitness, wellness, love, joy, peace, and abundance.

You have heard the phrase, Happiness, Health, and Wealth. It is in that order for a specific reason. When we look over our life to determine how our life went, it will matter not if you have all the riches in the world, if you don’t have your health. You will just spend all your money searching for cures, and not be happy.

It will not matter how healthy you are if you are not happy. You will just search and spend all of your energy trying to do things to make you happy for brief moments.

It is happiness above all in this phrase that stands above all. We know that you can be poor and live life with deep happiness and gratitude. You only have to go to a third world nation and see for yourself. Those that have the least hold the most gratitude. For in that gratitude is happiness.

Happiness does not depend on health to be present. So many times it is the ill and diseased that move with happiness and gratitude because they do not identify themselves as the illness or disease that affects the body. They realize they are more than the body. They are the eternal beingness that is giving life to the body.

This is what I want to tell you. You will create true health and fitness through your wellbeing. You will create wellbeing as you realize your true –Self as Beingness. Then happiness, health, wellbeing and abundance are yours forever.

I wish for all of you a Vibrant life.

Take good care.


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