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Stop Waiting For Imminent Danger Before You Choose to Change

Why is it that we wait, sometime year’s even decades before we finally change the way we are living so we can create what we desire in life? That may seem like a big scary question, however in reality it is very simple.

Once you begin to recognize the cause in your own life, you will step into creating the changes necessary. Hopefully, you will stop waiting for your world to come crashing down around you, before you take responsibility for creating your desired life.

We have spoken many times previously about the meaning of responsibility, (the ability to respond), and the gift that it is. Yet, so many of us won’t take up the power of responsibility until we are forced to out of the deeper desire to salvage something we possess.

In health and fitness it is all to clear that for most, taking care of their spirit, mind, and body, is secondary to the all to common instant gratification that one is accustom. I know that may sound somewhat harsh, however, we must become clear on the cause before we can make the changes.

What is it that causes a change within us? It is a shift in consciousness that awakens the desire for something better. This new level of consciousness also holds a deeper realization in the truth of the situation. This shift creates the motivation to take the steps to change.

Most of us, within reason, know what we need to do to allow the body to heal. We know we should eat very healthy, drink clean water, and get appropriate amounts of exercise and sleep. We know when we are unhappy, over stressed, in physical or emotional pain, because we feel it. Yet, most all of us ignore these signs and symptoms, until they are so bad that we must do something about them.

Ah, this is the point of our conversation. Why do we wait till the last minute before we will do something? Is it because we are lazy? No it is not. We think, that it is just not that important until we find ourselves in a position when we will lose something meaningful to our existence.

This is where the ego or self-image comes in. It is the ego that finally steps in and says if you don’t do something about this I will die. It doesn’t matter what it is. It can, and many times is something so insignificant yet you as your ego identify with it and so if it is lost, the ego feels it is loosing a part of its own existence.

In short, people don’t do unless the ego feels it is in imminent danger of death or losing something it identifies with.

Until this point though people feel they still have time for something to change. This is the cause for putting things off. We know we should do something but we also believe we still have time. As long as the ego feels it still has time there is no concern of loss or death. Remember the ego loves to suffer because it gives it more power of identification through the suffering.

If you are dealing with physical or emotion aches and pains, the ego will wallow in it, until you, (as ego), realize you are about to lose something or die.

Interesting right? The ego is the cause of all the pain and suffering, it actually loves it. In the end, the ego will only do what is necessary to hold on to its existence. However, once the ego is dead, there is no more identification with pain and suffering.

What does this mean for all of us?

Recognize, that many times the reason you don’t take steps to heal is due to the ego’s need to hold on to its identification with the issue. Realize that waiting for things to get better without taking positive action will most probably creates more pain and suffering. Learn to stop judging and labeling. Let go of attachment and identification. Release all resistance.

Finally, and yet most importantly recognize yourself as the spirit that you are, and that your mind and body are instruments through which you use to experience, express and share your true nature.

Stop waiting for imminent danger before you choose to change. Your life experience was not meant to be about putting out fires.

You are life itself, bound by no “things” including the ego. Your life experience is what you as Beingness manifest in it. Rid your ”Self” of this fearful little ego, as if it is an old worn out suit with holes, tattered, stained and raged. You have no use, no attachment, and no identification with or for it anymore.

Without the ego, you will do what needs to be done right away. No more procrastination, no more waiting. You will take the right action at the right time. Life will become simpler, more peaceful, joyful, and filled with health, fitness, and wellbeing as a result.

I wish for you all a Vibrant Life.

Take Good Care, Dave.

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