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This is Your Time Now

This is your time now. This is your time to create the health, fitness, and well-being that is your birthright. Most of us are so caught up in our day-to-day lives that we either have forgotten or have never actually realized or even been told that health, fitness, well-being and abundance are the true nature of your spirit, mind, and body.

We walk around in these bodies, these suits of flesh and bone, not realizing the amount of stress we inundate them with. We are doing this by the way we are living, what we call our lifestyle.

Most of us weren’t raised to take responsibility for our minds and bodies, nor were we told that what we truly are is a spirit or Beingness. It is this Beingness that is giving life to the mind and body that we are thinking with, and using to experience and express with.

So now is the time that I’m going to remind you, and possibly for the first time tell you, that it is you, and has always been you who has been creating the life that you’ve been experiencing.

It has always been you who has created the health, fitness, and the well-being or the lack there of, that you have been experiencing your entire life.

For many of us, I know that’s very challenging to accept. Our egos don’t want to hear this. Many of us could possibly be offended by hearing that we are the ones who created this life we are living. I’m sure that almost all of us would never admit that we purposely we’re creating ill health, poor fitness, stress, sadness, despair, or emotional pain in our lives. Yet, that’s exactly what I am gently going to remind you of.

This is your time now to hopefully embrace what I’m reviewing with you. Step forward into now recognizing that you have all the potential in the world to change your life, your health, your fitness, well-being, and abundance well beyond what you have ever experienced. You have always had this potential and you always will have this potential.

The reason most people never create true health, fitness, and well-being in their life experience is because they’ve never fully stepped into taking responsibility for doing so.
Certainly, we could say that most people don’t have the knowledge, skills, or abilities to create health, fitness, and well-being as there life experience. Yet, it takes very little knowledge, skill, and ability to actually do so.

We say that health, fitness, well-being, and abundance are your birthright because in your natural state, (which is a state of non-resistance, non-identification, non-attachment), you will actually be the experience of true health, fitness, well-being and abundance.

We have spoken before about non-resistance, non-attachment and non-identification with anything in your life experience. This means that you do not live as your self-image / ego. It means you move through your life as the awareness that is the spirit that you are.

When there is no attachment, no resistance, and no identification with a self-image/ ego then you’re world, your life experience will open up and create a natural state of health, fitness, well-being and abundance.

Remember, you are a spirit, with a mind that you think with, and a body that you experience and express through, yet you are not the mind, and you are not the body. The mind and body are only instruments of experience an expression. It is you as spirit or beingness that moves to and through the mind and body to express itself and experience itself in the physical world.

It is your time now to begin to create this as your life experience. There need not be any confusion as to how to do this. You live as one beingness experiencing and expressing through two different levels of existence. You as Beingness, gives life to the conscious mind to create and except or deny the information that you’re exposed to in your life. Secondly,(which is the lowest level), to experience and express through the body.

It will be very challenging though to create a life experience full of health, fitness, well-being, and abundance, when you are fully identifying yourself and living as your self- image / ego.

Your self-image /ego is only a compilation of all the beliefs that you have created and or accepted through your life experience. Yet, this compilation of beliefs and values is not who you truly are. You are the beingness, which gives life to the ego / self-image, which is created in the mind, and expressed through the body.

This is your time now to recognize that you are not your self-image. You are not a list of beliefs. You are what comes before that. You are the consciousness, or the beingness that gives life to whatever you put your attention on. That is the key.

If you put all your attention into the thoughts and beliefs that you’re having every moment of your waking hours, then you are giving life to all of those thoughts, concepts and beliefs. This means that you are completely identifying your-self, or who you know your-self to be, as those thoughts and concepts and beliefs.

The challenge is, all of your thoughts, concepts and beliefs are very limiting and create resistance in your ability to truly create health, fitness, well-being, and abundance.

Once you begin to truly recognize that you are not this compilation of beliefs, thoughts, and concepts that you call your personality or your self-image/ ego, then you will begin to create what you truly desire in life experience.

This is your time now. You’re an adult, and you are able to make your own decisions. You can create the health, fitness, well-being, and abundance that is your birthright.

All you have to do is recognize that this is your time now. It is your time now, because you have now been told that you have the ability to do this. It would be a shame if you turned away from this opportunity.

It is been made very clear to you now, that you are a Beingness, the consciousness that gives life to the mind and the body. All that needs to be done is to embrace this new knowledge and begin to create the skills that will give you the abilities to create what has always been your birthright.

Begin to give your body what it needs to heal itself and create lasting health and fitness. Begin to give your mind what it needs to heal itself and create lasting well-being.

And foremost begin to give your spirit all of your attention in everything you do and you will create eternal abundance in all things.

I wish for all of you a Vibrant Life,

Take Good Care,


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